Manifesto-Entwurf, 24. 06. 18

Präsentation der Projekte und Abschlussarbeiten des Instituts für experimentelles Bekleidungs- und Textildesign der Universität der Künste Berlin

With Anna Sinofzik, Alena Carolina, and Kiro Mousa

Video: Universität der Künste Berlin

We believe in conceptual cut-ups and abstract self-expressionism. In attitudes, asymmetries, appliqués, and experiential embroideries. We collect the threads, connect the dots, and interweave past, present, and future. We cross fields and jump fences.

Stray cats beat copycats. We study life, not style; tailor to lives, not likes. We collaborate and elaborate. Put theory into practice with critical cuts. We believe in a sweatshop-free future and bridge the gender gap with game-changing garments. Hoodies, herringbones, humanities, baby! We believe in deep thought and low necklines, in nightlife and the daily news. We distrust fake fears and the trend forecasts. We don’t count on clearcut seasons, in times of cultural climate change. We wear bandanas as banners, with messages as manifold as our output. Comme d’habitude, c’est pas dans notre habitude.

We believe in fashion as a form of creative inquiry; in bold silhouettes, poised between passion, pure reason, and pop. We believe in the heat of the moment—and in those rare moments when Drake meets Descartes. We act, react, and rethink—therefore we are.

We are creatives, consumers, and world citizens. Students, designers, explorers. We are polymaths, sequin poets, twin-set therapists, pattern checkers, and dress code crackers. We are day dreamers and night workers. Individualists and ideologists. We are science-fictionists, reflectionistas, and inquisitive outfitters. We create clothes for the curious, like little mad dresses and full nettle jackets. الموضة متحوله و نحن نؤمن ان هذا هو سر جمالها We are against off the shelf-solutions and pin-striped stipulations.

Blank is the new black, all fashion a form of interpretation.

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